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Not Just Any Executive Coach

Debra’s unique expertise combines her background in clinical psychotherapy with dynamic knowledge of executive coaching for effective business leadership.

Professional Services

As a clinical psychotherapist and certified executive performance coach, I believe in the power of “self.” I’ve witnessed the transformation of clients who permit themselves to know themselves. They’ve learned the process of positive thinking, turning their ear inward to hear the internal dialogue in their heart, tuning in to emotional intelligence to guide their path in life.

During each session, I will help you uncover hidden emotional debt, analyze strengths, and gain the skills needed to manage everyday challenges. Together we will work to develop strategies and a plan-of-action to move your life forward.

The services you can receive are listed below.

Schedule a complementary intro session with Debra to find out which services are most applicable to your needs.

Individual 1:1 Coaching Session

A session with me is highly personalized. In one hour, we can begin to uncover the basic obstacles in your specific situation and work together to clarify your goals.

These sessions are highly personalized. We’ll form a potent partnership where we dig deep into your specific situation and work together to:

  • Clarify your goals.
  • Identify the things that have you stuck.
  • Create & implement strategies to move you forward.

All personal growth changes occur when we are ready to commit to doing the work. If you know that you are prepared to try a different approach to let go of old behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve you, then 1:1 coaching will support your journey towards fulfillment and inner peace.

Email Support

Also included is email support between session appointments, so you always have help when you need it. Purchase additional sessions as required for an even more customized experience.


1:1 Coaching Package A

In ten 60-minute sessions, you benefit from an extended exploration as we form a powerful partnership to dig deep into the specifics your goals and identify what’s holding you back from succeeding.

Ten 1-Hr sessions

1:1 Coaching Package B

In five 60-minute sessions, you benefit from an extended exploration as we form a powerful partnership to understand and identify your specifics goals and how to work towards your aspirations.

Five 1-hr sessions

Your Sweet Spot of Personal Truth

Your Sweet Spot of Personal Truth, my signature coaching toolkit is a membership program designed to reconnect you with your lost self. Sign up on my mailing list for notification.

Twelve 1-hr sessions

Group Coaching

Group coaching is offered periodically throughout the year and is a cost- effective way to:

  • Get focused on your goals.
  • Learn strategies to advance your position forward.
  • Receive support and encouragement as you implement your plan.

Group coaching is a cost-effective way to get focused on your goals, learn strategies to move you forward, and receive support and get to your end goal.

Members get the benefit of both expert coaching and group support that can be incredibly beneficial from the opportunity to be coached, but listening to the coaching of others can facilitate breakthroughs as well. Group coaching also includes virtual office hours and personalized coaching when needed.


People are Talking

“Debra is an honest empath with the life-long knowledge and experience on multiple fronts to help you see your blind spots, danger zones, and growth areas. Then, she helps take you there. As a person who overcame immense challenges herself, she can understand yours and has a strong base of mindset to help you overcome.”

Ben Corey, CEO Meeting illusionist, Inc.

“Debra is non-judgemental and supportive. She helped me be more understanding with myself and give myself a break, which helped me see life in a more positive light, and my experiences as part of the journey. Debra cultivates a space of empathy and understanding while still holding me accountable and allowing me to grow into the version of myself that I’m seeking.”

Emily C.

“As my Executive Coach, Debra has an innate ability to see through any circumstance and emotional barrier to get at the heart of issues that hold people back, both personally and professionally. Within a few sessions — really, even the first — she helped me to clearly identify the dynamics and relationships in my life that were keeping me from realizing my full potential. ”

Katie M.

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