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Debra’s unique expertise combines her background in clinical psychotherapy with dynamic knowledge of executive coaching for effective business leadership.

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People are Talking

“Debra is an honest empath with the life-long knowledge and experience on multiple fronts to help you see your blind spots, danger zones, and growth areas. Then, she helps take you there. As a person who overcame immense challenges herself, she can understand yours and has a strong base of mindset to help you overcome.”

Ben Corey, CEO Meeting illusionist, Inc.

“Debra is non-judgemental and supportive. She helped me be more understanding with myself and give myself a break, which helped me see life in a more positive light, and my experiences as part of the journey. Debra cultivates a space of empathy and understanding while still holding me accountable and allowing me to grow into the version of myself that I’m seeking.”

Emily C.

“As my Executive Coach, Debra has an innate ability to see through any circumstance and emotional barrier to get at the heart of issues that hold people back, both personally and professionally. Within a few sessions — really, even the first — she helped me to clearly identify the dynamics and relationships in my life that were keeping me from realizing my full potential. ”

Katie M.

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