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Debra Ann Cruz

Debra helps high-functioning professionals like me transform values, visions, and challenging opportunities into actions, realities, and remarkable successes!

Debra Ann Cruz, is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC), a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).

Debra’s experience over the past 25 years as a Natural Counselor, Professional Coach, Educator, and Mentor has prepared and trained her to work with clients to overcome blocks and negative programming that have made success challenging for them. She is passionate about helping people gain clarity in their lives, determine future desires and goals, then create, plan, and execute strategies to significantly improve their personal and professional lives.


Not Just Any Executive Coach

Debra’s unique expertise as an executive coach combines her background in clinical psychotherapy with dynamic knowledge of effective business leadership. She recognizes the critical importance of using active listening skills to decipher client issues and obstacles, analyze for strengths and weaknesses, then strategize actionable plans to reach desired goals.

She takes a big-picture approach to help clients face and understand fears and roadblocks to success. With a straightforward, empathic approach, she helps them to unveil the unique roadmap of life events to clear emotional debts and heal past pain with forgiveness.

What makes me unique is my belief in:

Active Listening – to hear the story of your past and present experiences, concerns, and vision of your future.


Taking a Big Picture Approach – helping you to face and understand your fears and create the fulfillment and meaning you desire.


The Language of Feelings – coaching you to a new awareness of using feelings and emotions as your internal roadmap of life experiences.


Releasing Emotional Debts – mentoring a new process to heal past hurts with forgiveness and peace of mind.

My Promise to You

I present a safe space for you to speak the awkward, or unspeakable things that may sabotage your performance and success. I will respect your right to make life decisions; however, I will challenge any negative self-talk as it arises. I will engage you in constructive dialogue to support your progress towards reaching your goals.

In our work together I will help you to:

Boost personal and professional performance
Heal from past trauma
Increase self-esteem and self-image
Reduce self-doubt
Uncover your strengths
Define and clarify current goals, future desires, and life visions
Create actionable, strategic, and measurable plans
Navigate major life transitions more efficiently
Look forward to the future
Equip you with tools to better manage the anxieties of everyday life challenges


My Goal

My ultimate goal is to help you to feel better about yourself! Life is good when you know how to live it. I want to assist you in claiming a life that is successful and more fulfilling. I teach you how to end negative self-talk; unseal awareness of strengths and weaknesses; set healthy limits and boundaries to better manage your anxieties of everyday challenges.


People are Talking

“Thank you so much for coaching me to lower my cholesterol. Your listening skills, empathy, and motivation helped me to take the time in my busy day to make choices to improve my health. You are a Life Saver!”

Steve Neslen, LICSW, Former Smithsonian Institution EAP Administrator

“Debra Cruz is an outstanding coach. She has an uncanny ability to immediately determine the real-life issues and concerns that face individuals and teams. Her listening, understanding, empathy, and concern for everyone she coaches make her a Standout!”

K. Blair, Former Account Executive, Visa, Inc.

“Debra, THANK YOU! Your presentation at our February Sister to Sister Women’s Ministry meeting was very inspiring. You blessed us by sharing your story of being a heart attack survivor and how the power of prayer helped you to heal. We each left the meeting empowered to make life choices to take control of our health.”

M. Howard, Trustee, Mount Rona Missionary Baptist Church

Licensure & Certifications

Certified Executive Coach (CEC)
Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Center, San Diego, CA
The Self-Esteem Institute, Portland, OR

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
District Of Columbia Board Of Professional Counselors And Therapists, Washington DC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)
Maryland Board Of Professional Counselors And Therapists, Baltimore, MD

Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)
Employee Assistance Professional Association, Arlington, VA

M.A. Professional Counseling
Argosy University, Washington DC Campus, Arlington, VA

B.S. Marketing
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

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